You’re Late!

You’re late!
You were supposed to have been born today
but there is no sign that you’re nearly on your way.
You’re still in my womb and in there you want to stay,
but hurry up, my baby, come on out, I pray!

I’m scared!
I have never been through childbirth before
and I worry that I will mess it up, for sure.
It seems like you will stay in there for evermore
but this pregnancy is now getting quite a bore.

Can’t sleep!
You still keep on kicking me with your feet.
I toss and turn and get all wound up in the sheet.
I am sweating in the interminable heat
and I worry that I will give up in defeat.

Come on!
Let us get your birth all over and done.
Once you’re out we can have some baby fun.
I wish your life out here had already begun
and I DO so want my baby daughter, or son.


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