Your Basket

2014-02-01 19.49.54YOUR BASKET

You hardly used your basket.
You preferred to stretch out on
your big zebra print cushion
or on a rug.

There you would soon be dreaming,
of chasing squirrels, rabbits,
or, with your sister, rushing
for balls I threw.

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February is here now and the days are getting lighter,
so those of us with SAD syndrome can feel a little brighter.
We’ve got rid of the worst months of our depressing winter gloom,
and now it’s time for us to see garden flowers start to bloom.

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A lucky find

Snow was falling lightly as Roger left the diner and made his way down the street towards his grandmother’s apartment. He hated his job. He hated having to inspect the kitchens of all the New York eating establishments. It was a rotten job, and he’d been in some rotten kitchens; but this was not one of them any longer. They had rectified everything on their violation list after his last inspection. Bonus points for him! He hated New York, especially since 9/11. He’d lost several good friends then. He hated the cold as well. What he’d give to move south, but his wife Anna liked the big city.

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