To have and to hold

On your wedding day

Hold this magic moment in your heart,
this feeling you both feel at the start.
Never let troubles tear you apart.

Hold this moment through every strife,
this moment you became man and wife.
Hold this precious moment all your life.


(Dedicated to my workmate, who is getting married today)


it is plain.
I really think
I am on the brink
of a brand new romance.
Shall I take a second chance?
Or will I soon be shedding tears
when it all goes pear-shaped over years?
But if nothing ventured, there’ll be no gain,
or maybe I’ll just end up alone again.

A Boy and his Dog

Roger sat in his recliner chair overlooking the garden, thinking back on his life. He hadn’t done anything extraordinary, but overall he had enjoyed it. Well he had, until his wife had left him six months ago, for a younger man. It had come as a complete surprise to Roger when she suddenly announced over dinner that she was leaving the next day. Why hadn’t he seen it coming?

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Love letter from the future

Mum was down at the shops when Max was trying to retrieve his ball from under the desk in the study, but it had gone so far under, even I couldn’t reach it, so I pulled out the heavy desk so I could get behind it. It was then that I realised that the desk was actually in front of a door. Curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out the desk further so that I could open the door. I don’t know why I was surprised to find a staircase leading down to a cellar.  Continue reading