WP_20150424_11_35_33_Pro 2ATTENTION

I’ve special moments in my day:
when you pick up my ball to play,
when you come down during the night
just as it’s starting to get light,
when you give me a tickle-tum,
when I hear your car coming home,
when I hear your key in the door,
or when we have a shake-a-paw,
when you get my collar and lead,
when you fill my bowl for my feed,
when you say “Right, it must be time…”

These all are the moments that I’m
always waiting for, when I’m sure
I’ll be likely to receive your
rare undivided attention
(getting treats goes without mention).
Not so special is when you shout
to tell me to “get down” or “go out”,
“no” “don’t bite” or “leave next door’s cat”.

But for you I will accept that.
If I don’t always toe the line
ANY of your attention’s fine.
I’ll accept that you are busy
and cannot spend all day with me.
Understand when I’m around you
moments that I don’t like are few.
Whenever you’re near I am glad,
whenever you’re gone I am sad.

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