Birdwatching in my run

Birdwatching in my run


Two ugly pigeons
just waddle around
in our back garden,
not making much sound.
They’re fat and lazy
and stay here all day
pecking whatever
small birds throw away.

They can’t reach feeders,
they are much too fat,
they’re just a target
for our next door’s cat.
They sleep in the tree
that’s over my run.
I’m disgusted at
the mess that they’ve done.

Now and then some more
fly in here to play,
they tarry a while
but soon fly away.
I bark at them loud
but they show no fear,
and Mum says leave them
because they live here.

I’m fed up with them
strutting round the place
as if they own it.
I run and give chase.
They always escape.
It’s not very fair
that I can’t fly too.
Then they’d get a scare!

This is a slight modification to one of my earlier poems “Percy the wood pigeon” which I wrote in my previous Doggie Ditties chapbook.

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