Behind closed doors

You never know what goes on behind closed doors, do you? Well, unless you are Emily Parker, that is. She watched everybody, all the time. You couldn’t go out of your house without Emily jumping up out of her chair, strategically positioned by her front room window, and studying your every move. You could never have a guest knock on your door, without Emily’s piercing, disapproving eyes gazing at your visitor, wondering what you were up to. She watched you take your shopping from your car boot into your house, counting the bags, no doubt or trying to see what you had bought. She would crane her neck to peer into your house to see what you were up to if she saw the slightest movement in your house or your garden. Then if she couldn’t see enough she would go up to her bedroom window to see if she could get a better view.

It was creepy, being watched.

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A Boy and his Dog

Roger sat in his recliner chair overlooking the garden, thinking back on his life. He hadn’t done anything extraordinary, but overall he had enjoyed it. Well he had, until his wife had left him six months ago, for a younger man. It had come as a complete surprise to Roger when she suddenly announced over dinner that she was leaving the next day. Why hadn’t he seen it coming?

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The New Hand

James woke up after his operation and looked at his new right hand. It didn’t look too bad. The skin colouration was fairly similar to his own left hand, and he could now wiggle his fingers on his new right hand a  little.

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A surprising discovery

I packed my overnight case and sighed. I hated this, hated going anywhere far away from home during the heart of the winter. I was always scared that my car would break down in the middle of nowhere, during a snow storm. But I had to conquer my fear this particular frosty Friday afternoon. I had a call of duty. My old friend had a pressing need to see me today. He sounded desperate on the phone. He wouldn’t enlarge on his plight, just said that he needed to see me this very day, and that I could stay overnight, so I wouldn’t have to drive back in the dark.

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Love letter from the future

Mum was down at the shops when Max was trying to retrieve his ball from under the desk in the study, but it had gone so far under, even I couldn’t reach it, so I pulled out the heavy desk so I could get behind it. It was then that I realised that the desk was actually in front of a door. Curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out the desk further so that I could open the door. I don’t know why I was surprised to find a staircase leading down to a cellar.  Continue reading

Eternal Choices

I was late leaving work on Friday evening, and my car was all steamed up on that murky November night. I know I should have started the engine and let it run to clear all my windows before leaving, but I was bursting for a wee, and wanted to get home quickly, so I just mopped the mist from a big circle in the front windscreen, before I set off into the fog. Why my demisters chose not to function properly that night, I have no idea. All I know is that I couldn’t see a thing properly. I turned down the car radio. I always think that if you can’t hear, you won’t be able to see properly either. That’s probably a ridiculous conclusion to draw, but that’s how it seems to me.

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10 Minutes in Time

Time is very elusive……….there is never enough of it, or there is too much of it, depending on whether or not your life is fulfilled. Years ago, stuck in a dreadfully boring job, I can remember clock watching at work, waiting longingly for five pm when I could get out of the hot and sticky office and into my air conditioned car heading homeward. Oh how I wish I could have a few of those wasted hours back now!

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A lucky find

Snow was falling lightly as Roger left the diner and made his way down the street towards his grandmother’s apartment. He hated his job. He hated having to inspect the kitchens of all the New York eating establishments. It was a rotten job, and he’d been in some rotten kitchens; but this was not one of them any longer. They had rectified everything on their violation list after his last inspection. Bonus points for him! He hated New York, especially since 9/11. He’d lost several good friends then. He hated the cold as well. What he’d give to move south, but his wife Anna liked the big city.

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