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Welcome to my blog, mostly some whimsical musings of a novice writer sharing her views, interests, memories and photos with the world.

I live in Northamptonshire, England, formerly with my two German Shepherd sisters Jezebel and Myschka – hence my pen name. Now I have another German Shepherd, a white one this time called Lexy.

I am a country girl at heart, and as I used to walk through our great British countryside with my dogs, something I saw always seemed to make me start to wax lyrical. I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts written down, but it wasn’t always at the right time, because there were so many other things that I should have been doing. However, then as much as now, because I am a great procrastinator, when the mood takes me I just had to write, sometimes very late into the night, and I often went to bed with the dawn. That might be the wrong time for the rest of the normal world, but it was and always will be the write time for me!

Having partly retired from my lifelong career in accounting, in 2011 and 2012 I turned my attention to my more creative pursuits, like writing poetry and short stories. However, after returning to full-time employment in 2013, I then found little time to write.

I am a great fatalist, and I accept that a lot of things in life are never as good as they should be, but when I am at my lowest, something somehow always seems to come along to improve my life, just at the right time.

My two dogs, Jezebel and Myschka, were no exception. My pen name, Jezebel Myschka seemed to me to be a fitting tribute to my two best friends. Sadly I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Jezebel in March 2013 and again I had to face saying goodbye to her sister Myschka in May 2014.

I soon found life without a dog unbearable, and I took steps to find a rescue dog. In so doing I found a beautiful white German Shepherd needing a home. Unfortunately that particular dog had already been rehomed, but I was given the name of a breeder who had a litter of white GSD puppies ready to find their new home. I fell in love with one of the two female pups, and soon she came to live with me. Life with a young pup is very busy and I hardly found any time to write.

???????????????????????????????Now I am retired again and my pup is a little older I may find some more time to write…..

A lot of my stories and poems might appear autobiographical, but they are not necessarily true memoirs, so you must take a pinch of salt with everything you read on my blog.

You will discover that a lot of my writing is based on the changing seasons of the year, and a natural progression for me was to produce a collection of my poems called “Seasons”, which is soon to be published.

Happy reading!

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