I don't think Mum needed to read this magazine, did she?

I don’t think Mum needed to read this magazine, did she?

Monotetra Poem

I’ve chewed a big hole in the door,
I’ve pulled the lino off the floor,
I’ve stolen things out of the drawer.
I’ve wrecked still more, I’ve wrecked still more.

I’ve scratched some holes in the carpet,
I’ve bitten Mum when at the vet,
I’ve covered our kitchen with wet.
I’ve not done yet, I’ve not done yet.

I chased a man on a scooter,
I almost broke Mum’s computer,
I pulled a wire out of her router.
What a hooter! What a hooter!

I’ve run away with her best shoe,
I’ve torn a kitchen towel or two,
I’ve even picked up my own poo
and Mum said “Ugh!” And Mum said “Ugh!”

I’ve broken things that she can’t mend,
I scream and shout when I’ve been penned.
I’m driving Mum around the bend
at her wits’ end, at her wits’ end.

I’ve been naughty, I must admit,
and Mum freaks out and has a fit
about the damage that I commit.
She’s sick of it, she’s sick of it.

I’m now approaching adulthood
so I’ve decided that I could
behave myself just as I should.
I’ll now be good, I’ll now be good. 🙂

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.

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