WP_20150208_10_37_59_Pro 2ANCESTORS

I’m pure White GSD
with a good pedigree
but it’s a mystery
why in my history
there’s a Black Gypsy,
and a Dark Lucky!



Mum once told me a good story
of a dog well known in history,
a star of the silent movie.
Like me he was a GSD.
I want to be like Rin Tin Tin,
do agility shows and win,
but I’m pretty bad at training
and am still at the beginning
so I think my chance is quite slim
that I’d ever be famous like him.



Rin Tin Tin was his name.
From World War One he came
and very famous he became.

Corporal Lee Duncan, an aerial gunner,
saved him along with his starving mother
and his four siblings who were with her.

Duncan kept Rinty and one sister, Nanette.
He thought they were lucky symbols, yet
Nanette died. Then Duncan got another pet.

Duncan walked Rinty with an actor, Eugene
Pallette, while he was training his Rin Tin Tin
to do tricks, hoping dog shows he would win.

At a show, Rinty jumped a great height and
was filmed in slow motion from the grandstand
with a camera owned by another friend.

Seeing Rinty on film Duncan was sure
that his dog could become a film star
so he sought a role for him, near and far.

Playing a wolf, the first film to star Rinty
was “Where North Begins”, apparently
saving Warner Brothers from bankruptcy.

And so he became a famous movie star
and got the most votes for the Best Actor.
He would sign photos for fans with a paw.

Information from Wikipedia

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Almost Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.

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