Animal Instinct

2014-08-02 10.31.39 2ANIMAL INSTINCT

Look, I am just an animal,
I’m doing what is natural.
I’m sorry if it offends you,
if it horrifies your friends too.

As I am a German Shepherd
it is in my nature to herd,
therefore when I’m after a bird
I’d prefer you’d say not a word.

I enjoy chasing a bunny,
I know you don’t think that’s funny.
and I like rolling in fox poo:
it’s the natural thing to do.

Cats and dogs out in the jungle
would never be seen to mingle,
so don’t be at all angry please
that I bark at next door’s Siamese.

You’d like me to stop doing what
is natural to me? I’ll not!
I’m just a creature of nature
you have decided to nurture.

I’m not keen on all that you do
so I’ll make a bargain with you:
I’ll stop if, when we’re in our den,
you’d play with me, put down your pen.

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Almost Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.

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