2012-07-21 14.49.06 (1024x768)THE MARKET STALL

He stood there in his mac with rain
dripping all down his trouser leg
shouting “Please, come and buy again
some of my lovely fruit and veg”.
I hurried by with my head low
well hidden under my brolly
until I saw some mistletoe
next to a small bunch of holly.
And that turned out to be the start
of something that was very big.
I was in the Christmas spirit
so I purchased a little sprig.
In spite of the driving rainfall
I was a most mischievous miss
and I went back to the veg stall
and stole a cheeky Christmas kiss.
That did me a whole lot of good,
being septuagenarian,
now I will be sure to have food
as I am vegetarian.
He is rough around the edges
and I don’t want to be his wife
but I’m guaranteed fresh veggies
and fruit for the rest of my life.,

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