From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Eleven degrees out in the sun at five o’clock at night?
I found that I definitely hadn’t dressed myself quite right,
when I went out walking with my dog, Myschka
and I kinda wished I
hadna worn so many clothes!

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Like Mother, like Daughter!

It was a dull, dreary, cold and windy February Sunday yesterday, and I was in no mood for waxing lyrical that morning, so I set about my daily tasks of answering emails, updating various websites I control, and sorting through my image files for something to inspire me to write about. This usually cures my writer’s block. However yesterday I could get no inspiration at all, so by lunchtime I was thoroughly depressed, and waiting for the world to wake up the other side of the Atlantic, so I could have a Facebook “chat” with my daughter.

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