The Festive Season

London Xmas Lights 2012

It’s Christmas Eve. There’s peace on Earth
to celebrate the Virgin Birth.
Carol singing at midnight mass
before mince pies, downed with a glass
of wine. Whatever we believe
we’re very glad it’s Christmas Eve.

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The New Hand

James woke up after his operation and looked at his new right hand. It didn’t look too bad. The skin colouration was fairly similar to his own left hand, and he could now wiggle his fingers on his new right hand a  little.

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Letter to Santa

Hello Santa, I have been a very good girl this year
and so I would like to ask you for some Christmas cheer.
This year I have lost some of my very dear friends
so I hope that next year you can make amends.
I would like you to deliver good health.
I’m not bothered about other wealth,
or presents I can do without.
Let there be no sign of drought,
nor flood, nor pestilence.
Let us all keep warm
and out of harm.
Santa, does
that make