V isitors came here last night.
E veryone brought some food.
G atherings happen here often.
E ach time I get in a mood.
T hey leave me alone in my room
A s they all enjoy their feast.
B ut what about little me? I’d
L ike some of their meat at least.
E ventually all that I got
S aved for me was a carrot!

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD. Day 5 – write a vegetable poem

© 2015 Jezebel Myschka


Too much Rain!
(Trois-par-huit poem)

Now at last
the fear of drought has passed.
They can now cancel the hosepipe ban.
We can put away our brand new watering can,
and forget any idea of a summer tan.
It’s never going to stop, it’s plain,
each day we get again
too much rain!

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