Appearance can be deceptive
her demeanour looks impressive.
The world thinks that she’s tough and smart
but I see her when she’s falling apart.

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.




Aubergine’s not a veg it’s a fruit
but that colour will do for my suit
cos I can’t find the right shade of purple.
Damson is downright too dark
even blackberry don’t hit the mark
for I can’t find the right shade of purple.
Grape is graceful but blue,
Hyacinth has an hypnotic hue,
Indigo is indirectly purple.
Just cannot find a duller
Kaleidoscope of colour.
Lavender and lilac look too pale,
Magenta’s mostly on the nail.
Nothing even rhymes with purple.
Oh I wish I could find
Purple of the right kind.
Queer shades of puce
Really are no use.
Some shades are too pink
The others too blue. I think
Under ultraviolet light
Violet doesn’t look quite right.
When I’m old I’ll wear purple
Xcept when I wear black.
You can expect me to throw back
Zillions of shades, but not purple. April Poem a Day challenge day 5 – prompt Vegetables


2012-07-21 14.49.06 (1024x768)THE MARKET STALL

He stood there in his mac with rain
dripping all down his trouser leg
shouting “Please, come and buy again
some of my lovely fruit and veg”.
I hurried by with my head low
well hidden under my brolly
until I saw some mistletoe
next to a small bunch of holly.
And that turned out to be the start
of something that was very big.
I was in the Christmas spirit
so I purchased a little sprig.
In spite of the driving rainfall
I was a most mischievous miss
and I went back to the veg stall
and stole a cheeky Christmas kiss.
That did me a whole lot of good,
being septuagenarian,
now I will be sure to have food
as I am vegetarian.
He is rough around the edges
and I don’t want to be his wife
but I’m guaranteed fresh veggies
and fruit for the rest of my life.,



V isitors came here last night.
E veryone brought some food.
G atherings happen here often.
E ach time I get in a mood.
T hey leave me alone in my room
A s they all enjoy their feast.
B ut what about little me? I’d
L ike some of their meat at least.
E ventually all that I got
S aved for me was a carrot!

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD. Day 5 – write a vegetable poem

© 2015 Jezebel Myschka




She cannot hoodwink me:
I recognise the signs.
I know she’s leaving me.
She’s done up to the nines.
She has that special smell,
her hair is set in curls,
her makeup’s done so well
and she is wearing pearls.

Where could she be going?
She says she won’t be long.
I can’t settle knowing
that I can’t go along.
She is breaking my heart
leaving me all alone.
She thinks I’ll be content
just chewing on this bone!

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.



Whirr, whirr, whirr!
Her vacuum machine!
She uses it every day.
The noise drives me mad
but actually I have to say
I’d prefer my pad
to be more serene
but still clean.

Whirr, whirr, whirr!
Her washing machine!
What a dreadful racket that makes
while I try to snooze
and then when it’s over she takes
her stuff out to use
her drying machine.
That’s so mean!

I like radio.
That is on all day
to stop me feeling all alone,
or so they all say.
But constant ringing on her phone,
irritates me so.
That should go!

Can I get some peace?
It’s very hard for me to sleep
soundly as I should
because I always have to keep
aware of no good,
as the house police.
Less noise please!

The very worst thing
that aggravates me
is her perishing computer.
Hours spent that should be
quality time spent together
walking or playing.
Just saying!

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.



She puts her gold necklace
or her earrings
on the shelf.

But she’s a secret place
where she hides things
from herself.

Like bottles of red wine
or chocolate
or good cheese.

Then when it’s the right time
she’ll fetch them out
just to please.

It is strange, to be sure,
is why it is

she can remember where
are her glasses
not at all

but will never forget
just where her treat
is hiding.

It is well hidden yet
it won’t defeat
her finding. Continue reading


On waking from violent dreams

And after the thunder and lightning
that tormented me during the night,
while I lay there tossing and turning
in my tangled sheets convulsed with fright,
came the sweet melody of morning

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Ladies who Lunch

A poem from our waitress’s perspective

Just an orange juice they want,
a cup of tea for Mable,
oh, and a jug of water
for the rest of the table.
And one wants an extra plate
to share her lunch with her friend,
and another wants to swap
her chair and sit on the end.
They want to know if they can
have a “pensioner” amount
included in the “specials”
or if we will give discount.
Lunch only costs a fiver
but they will sit there for hours,
moaning about their ailments,
boasting about their flowers.
They’ll argue over the bill
and I have the slightest hunch
that we won’t get a big tip
from these Ladies who Lunch!

Do not rain on the Wedding!


Why wait until right now?
A bride is just about to make her vow!
Someone I work with is getting married today,
so rain, you can rain now, but then please go away!
Although it is very true that we need our gardens watering,
their wedding plans this sudden shower of rain is slaughtering.
Let this unforecasted shower just be a quick little friendly sprinkle
and stop before the time when their church wedding bells start to tinkle
Rain, you can fall now but then please go away and let the sun back out,
or the blushing bride will get her white wedding dress wet,  without a doubt.
They are going to get married in a nearby church here at the stroke of one,

I am still there with you …….

Dear Jezzie, we were thinking about you today
as we went out on our walk on this lovely sunny day.
We really miss you, even though you were often bad,
and being without you makes us both so very sad.
We were wishing you were there with us out in the park
enjoying all the fresh air and having a good lark.

I saw our two pals today, Continue reading

Beyond all hope


I am now beyond all hope!
There is definitely really no scope
for me leaving that bottle of red wine
until I reach the bottom. I still feel fine.
But then the next morning I feel so bad
with cramp in both legs, pumping blood
and I’m feeling like death warmed up,
until I get a hot, strong, black cup of
coffee and some food inside.
When will I learn to avoid
opening that bottle?
I’m not sure
I can
my brain has gone.

To have and to hold

On your wedding day

Hold this magic moment in your heart,
this feeling you both feel at the start.
Never let troubles tear you apart.

Hold this moment through every strife,
this moment you became man and wife.
Hold this precious moment all your life.


(Dedicated to my workmate, who is getting married today)

Do not rain on the wedding!

Rainbow 30.04.10

Why wait until right now?
A groom is just about to take his vow!
Someone I work with is getting married today,
so rain, you can rain now, but then please go away!
Although it is very true I well need my garden watering,
their wedding plans this sudden heavy rain is slaughtering.
Let this needed downpour just be a quick little friendly sprinkle
and just before the time when  their wedding bells  start to tinkle
rain please stop now.  Rain please go away and let the sun back out,
or the blushing bride will get her wedding dress wet,  without a doubt.
They are going to get married in a nearby church here at half past two,


My words seem to have worked – the sun came out again in time for their wedding!

Nimrod and Caesar

Nimrod was a mighty hunter, so the Bible said,
but like every ancient hunter, he ended up dead.
Nimrod was my mother’s dog, big, black and strong.
Everywhere my mother went, Nimrod would come along.
My mother loved good music, she would listen to Classics FM,
so when my mother died, we chose her favourite hymn.
Elgar composed Enigma Variations, Nimrod was the best.
We played Nimrod at Mum’s funeral, with Nimod’s ashes locked in her chest.

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it is plain.
I really think
I am on the brink
of a brand new romance.
Shall I take a second chance?
Or will I soon be shedding tears
when it all goes pear-shaped over years?
But if nothing ventured, there’ll be no gain,
or maybe I’ll just end up alone again.

Behind closed doors

You never know what goes on behind closed doors, do you? Well, unless you are Emily Parker, that is. She watched everybody, all the time. You couldn’t go out of your house without Emily jumping up out of her chair, strategically positioned by her front room window, and studying your every move. You could never have a guest knock on your door, without Emily’s piercing, disapproving eyes gazing at your visitor, wondering what you were up to. She watched you take your shopping from your car boot into your house, counting the bags, no doubt or trying to see what you had bought. She would crane her neck to peer into your house to see what you were up to if she saw the slightest movement in your house or your garden. Then if she couldn’t see enough she would go up to her bedroom window to see if she could get a better view.

It was creepy, being watched.

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When I was your Mum

Jezebel relaxing at home

I know it sounds silly because the words of the song are not at all appropriate, but this sad song about heartbreak is the one that does it for me. As it is top of the UK charts, it keeps being played on the radio all the time and gets me going every time, as it reminds me of the week I lost my Jezzie.

 When I was your Man – Bruno Mars

I’ve changed the lyrics of the song to suit our situation and it needs to be read while listening to the song:-

When I was your Mum

Same park, but it looks just a little bit empty now.
Same walks in the park, but they just don’t seem the same.
When our friends talk about you all that it does is just tear me down
’cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name.
It all just feels like uh, uh, uh

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