Whirr, whirr, whirr!
Her vacuum machine!
She uses it every day.
The noise drives me mad
but actually I have to say
I’d prefer my pad
to be more serene
but still clean.

Whirr, whirr, whirr!
Her washing machine!
What a dreadful racket that makes
while I try to snooze
and then when it’s over she takes
her stuff out to use
her drying machine.
That’s so mean!

I like radio.
That is on all day
to stop me feeling all alone,
or so they all say.
But constant ringing on her phone,
irritates me so.
That should go!

Can I get some peace?
It’s very hard for me to sleep
soundly as I should
because I always have to keep
aware of no good,
as the house police.
Less noise please!

The very worst thing
that aggravates me
is her perishing computer.
Hours spent that should be
quality time spent together
walking or playing.
Just saying!

Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Only Human” which I hope to be able to use throughout this April PAD.

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