The Festive Season

London Xmas Lights 2012

It’s Christmas Eve. There’s peace on Earth
to celebrate the Virgin Birth.
Carol singing at midnight mass
before mince pies, downed with a glass
of wine. Whatever we believe
we’re very glad it’s Christmas Eve.

It’s Christmas Day. Time for some fun
with our families joined as one.
Presents around the Christmas tree
can now be opened. What’s for me?
After lunch we’ve new games to play
and celebrate it’s Christmas Day.

It’s Boxing Day. Avoid the scales!
Go out walking or to the sales
to find some long needed bargain,
or visit families again.
Bubble and squeak with cold turkey.
Just left overs now. It’s Boxing Day.

It’s Twixmas tide. The lull before
we start to celebrate once more.
Days are short, cold, gloomy and dark
as well wrapped up we stroll the park.
Not much to do but stay inside
and mark time while it’s Twixmas tide.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Ring out the old,
ring in the new, as we’ve been told.
Forget all your pains and sorrow.
Resolutions made tomorrow,
will soon be broken, we believe,
so have a ball! It’s New Year’s Eve.

It’s New Year’s Day. We’ve got sore heads.
We linger longer in our beds.
We resolve to be good this year
and give up things that give us cheer.
But, we’ve one more day yet to play
at home because it’s New Year’s Day.

Now Winter’s here, with frosts and snow,
log fires are burning, candles glow,
the wood smoke smell pervades the air
in our villages everywhere.
Enjoy the cosy atmosphere
by our firesides now Winter’s here.

A Wrapped Refrain 

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