Hey, Myschka

Out walking with both dogs

Hey Myschka, did you enjoy the walk you did with our Mum today?
Well, I was there too, walking along right beside you all the way.
There we all were, deep in thought, on our favourite Saturday walk
and it was so peaceful, there was no need at all for us to talk.
I notice your limp is much better now, you’re not dragging your paw
and you walked so much further than you ever could manage before.
You didn’t want to stop walking and go back home the shortest way,
you would have gone further but Mum guided you back, I’m glad to say.
I was really hoping that the triangular wood you would pass
where we went on our first walk and ate the dandelions in the grass.
Remember that? It was over twelve years ago, when we were small,
bursting with excitement and with absolutely no fear at all.
I was there with you today, having fun. Did you see me running?
I went crashing through the woods, chasing squirrels that were coming.
Mum stopped a while and stared because she thought she saw something moving,
she listened carefully but walked on again cos she heard nothing.
But it was me. I was there beyond the invisible curtain
between your living world and Heaven I am now in for certain.

Jezebel collage

Light a candle

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