A Frosty Day

Frosted Eucalyptus tree 2012-12-12 10.13I love a frosty Wednesday morning like today under a clear blue sky.
Apart from the friendly robin in the bushes over there,
there’s no-one in the world about except my dog and I,
and our breath is steaming from us both in the fresh and icy air.
Such is retirement on a Wednesday –
almost as good as being a Sunday!

I think about what I was doing at this time last year,
when I would be busy at my desk in my office working.
I’d be sitting by the telephone waiting in fear
to find out what problems the next phone call would bring.
Such is going to work on a Wednesday –
being not at all like a Sunday!

A couple of years ago at work we were deep in snow.
All of us women in the office every hour or two,
as the pipes at work were all frozen, we had to go
across to Asda whenever we needed the loo,
although, I have to say, it was not that far,
and we all piled together into the company car.

We were all late for work that morning due to scraping thick ice
from our windscreens before we could drive to work through the snow.
The bosses weren’t there at all, and it was not very nice
that we still had to work there all day long and couldn’t go
home early to avoid the congested roads
– and it was still snowing loads.

Did I used to say “I don’t like Wednesdays”? Well, I don’t any more!
I like Wednesdays as much as Sundays, and that’s for sure!

Frosted cobweb in the conifer 2012-12-12 10.13

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