Good riddance, November!

I’ve been out walking with the dog.
It’s cold, it’s damp and full of fog.
Dew drops are dripping from my nose
and I can hardly feel my toes.

Our days are short and oh so dark,
there’s massive puddles in the park,
the rivers have all burst their banks
and we have overfilled our tanks.

I’ve got real problems with my car,
my heater’s broke, I can’t go far.
It’s still frosted up in the drive
and it gets dark long before five.

What’s warmth like? I can’t remember.
I wish we were in September
and not in dreary November,
it might be worse in December.

In the sky there’s a tinge of pink.
Maybe a better day, I think,
tomorrow when it’s December.
Say good riddance to November!

November’s dull for a reason.
Prepare for the festive season,
put out Christmas lights and holly,
tomorrow let’s all be jolly!

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